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schatzlii-sm.JPG schatzliiredX-sm.JPG schiedeana-sm.JPG -Schusteri.jpg


Schatzlii Red x



Secunda 10"-14" -seideliana.jpg Seleriana Seleriana x Caput Purple

Secunda 10"-14"



Seleriana x Caput Purple

Seleriana X Circinnatoides sphaerocephala-sm.JPG straminea-bush-sm.JPG straminea-tallwht-sm.JPG

Seleriana x Circinnatoides


Straminea Bush (Fragrant)

Straminea Tall White

Streptocarpa streptocarpa-minix-sm.JPG Strepto. x Xero.


Streptocarpa Mini x

Strepto x Bulbosa

Strepto. x Xero.

t-p39.jpg stricta4-sm.JPG Stricta Angel White

Stricta 3"+

Stricta 4"+

Stricta 5"+

Stricta Angel White

Stricta Black Tip strictagiant-sm.JPG Stricta Giganticus

Stricta Black Beauty

Stricta Black Tip

Stricta Giant Single

Stricta Gianticus

Stricta Gray Mist Stricta Green Clump Lg. Stricta Green Clump Sm.

Stricta Gray Mist

Stricta Green Clump Lg

Stricta Green Clump Sm

Stricta Iridescent

Stricta Maharaja Stricta Midnight Stricta Pink Bronze stricta-softgray-sm.JPG

Stricta Maharaja

Stricta Midnight

Stricta Pink Bronze

Stricta Soft Gray

t-p310.jpg stricta-sg-6-sm.JPG Stricta Stiff Gray Giant

Stricta Soft Purple

Stricta Stiff Gray 4"

Stricta Stiff Gray 6"

Stricta Stiff Gray Giant

strictastiffpurple-sm.JPG Stricta (the Broom) Stricta v Compacta

Stricta Stiff Purple

Stricta Silver Star

Stricta The Broom Stricta v Compacta
strictaxgardneri-sm.jpg strictaxten-sm.JPG sucrei-sm.JPG  
Stricta x Gardneri Stricta x Tenuifolia Sucrei