• I am new to Tillandsia and don't know what to order.

    If you are ordering plants for resale, we suggest that you stick with the lower priced plants at first.  Many plants are priced higher due to their rarity and slowness to grow.  Many times, these higher priced plants have no extra sales appeal for a novice buyer.  Later, when you establish more sophisticated clientele it is good to buy some higher priced, rarer species.

    You can allow us to choose an assortment for you.  Give us as many instructions as you feel necessary like:
    Only blooming plants, plants no larger or smaller than …, 50% of the order plants $1.00 or under or simply say give me a $200.00 assortment, you choose.  Our goal is to send you an order that will please you.

  • I just received my order. Now what?

    One of the most important factors to success of your Tillandsia business is how well you understand how to take care of the plants. Many people think that they are just air plants and they take care of themselves.

    When you receive your order, completely submerse the plants in water with a few drops of vitamin B or superthrive (all nurseries carry these products).  Then place the plants in a well-ventilated area where they can dry in no longer than 4 hours.  Light should be bright  and  filtered  from April to November (no direct sun).  November through March the plants can take direct sunlight (northern hemisphere).  Do not fertilize your new plants for at least 3 weeks.  Too much fertilizer and/or direct sun at the wrong time of the year will burn your plants.

    Although we ship only healthy, high quality plants, it is important to remember they they are not perfect (nor is any living thing); minor leaf imperfections or plants that have a broken leaf can be trimmed away with scissors.  It is normal for Tillandsia to lose the bottom leaves when acclimating to there new environment.  These leaves can be trimmed off along with long roots if you desire. 

  • Do you sell retail?

    No, we only sell wholesale to qualified retailers.

  • How do I take care of air plants?

    View our page on Caring for Air Plants. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us!

  • I have questions about shipping...

    Please view our shipping page that has detailed information about our shipping options, prices, and timing. Tillandsia ships internationally.

  • What is your Return Policy?

    Less than 1% of our shipments have any problems. Tillandsia travel very well and every plant is in top shape prior to packing. Once they leave our dock, we are not responsible for what happens to them. We recommend you always check your shipment upon arrival so you can file a claim with the carrier should there be any problems.

    All returns must be pre-approved by our Management staff. Should a problem arise with the quality of your plants, you will need to contact our office within 24 hours of receiving your shipment. Due to the plants’ perishable nature, no returns will be authorized unless we have made a mistake in your order.